Assistant Computational Scientist
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility

Argonne National Laboratory
9700, South Cass Avenue
Argonne, IL 60439
Phone: (630) 252-0091

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Research Interests and competences

  • Knowledge of high performance computational science on the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) field.
  • Development, maintenance and utilisation of high-performance massively parallel unstructured CFD tools for industrial applications: unsteady aerodynamics of compressible flows, combustion, Lagrangian particle tracking.
  • Code portability on different architectures, parallelism and partitioning strategies, use of versioning tools, scalability, profiling and debugging analysis.
  • Computation of two-phase flows using unsteady CFD approaches (DNS and LES).
  • Management of software development projects and creation of websites.


  • January 19th, 2009: Ph.D. student in Fluid Mechanics, delivered by INP Toulouse Dissertation: "Development and validation of the Euler-Lagrange formulation on a parallel and unstructured solver for large-eddy simulation". Carried out at CERFACS and within the MEGEP Doctoral school. Advisor: Thierry Poinsot, Research Director at IMFT.
  • February 21st, 2001: Degree in Mechanical Engineering at CPS Zaragoza, Spain.
    Final project: "Numerical simulation of the effects of components deterioration in gas turbine systems". Carried out at the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of Rome "La Sapienza" (Italy) with a Socrates/Erasmus Grant.
    Major: "Energy and Technology of Heat and Fluids".

Work experience

  • 10/2010 - present: Assistant Computational Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, USA.
    Catalyst Team, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF)
    • Assistance with algorithm development, scaling efforts and collaboration with Leadership Science Project Teams to enable breakthrough science and engineering research at the ALCF.
    • Part of the support team that monitors project progress and helps forestall problems with using ALCF and a single point of contact for key research initiatives and full project lifecycle assistance.
    • Reports on the way that ALCF resources have been used, preparing reports and giving presentations at internal meetings and user meetings. Participates in division activities.
    • Builds relationships with other supercomputer centers to address common challenges on computational science issues.
    • Active participant of internal review committees, workshops and other events at Argonne National Laboratory.
  • 02/2009 - 09/2010: Post-doctoral Fellow at CERFACS, Toulouse, France.
    Analysis of dynamic load balancing and parallel partitioning algorithms for unstructured 3D CFD codes. Implementation of parallel partitioning algorithms (from ParMETIS library) in a 3D CFD code.
  • 10/2005 - 01/2009: Ph.D. student at CERFACS, Toulouse, France.
    Responsible for conception, development and implementation of a Lagrangian particle tracking method in a parallel, unstructured and hybrid CFD code. Maintenance and management of new developments; training and support of other students involved in the project. Thesis funded by SNECMA (SAFRAN group) and CERFACS.
    Summer Program 2006: Participation to the Center for Turbulence Research Summer Program 2006 at Stanford University.
  • 03/2002 - 08/2005: Study Engineer at CERFACS, Toulouse, France.
    Implementation of partitioning algorithms (from METIS library) for CFD computations. Support to parallelism development, code debugging, profiling and memory optimisation of a CFD unstructured code. Redaction of technical reports and code documentation of partitioning and parallel library.
  • 05/2001 - 09/2001: Project Manager at INGEMETAL S.A., Zaragoza, Spain.
    Construction of the Burke Brise Soleil cover for the Milwaukee Art Museum addition (designed by Santiago Calatrava). Responsible for communication, work supervision and interactions between American and Spanish working teams.
  • 07/2000 - 05/2001: Internship at Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón, Zaragoza, Spain.
    Acoustic measurements and viability studies at the Mechanical and New Materials Dept.


  • Spanish: mother tongue.
  • English and French: written, spoken and read fluently. Daily use in the research framework.
  • Italian: good skills, both read and spoken.



  • M. García. "Développement et validation du formalisme Euler-Lagrange dans un solveur parallèle et non-structuré pour la simulation aux grandes échelles." Ph.D. Thesis TH/CFD/09/1 (in english), INP Toulouse (2009).

Papers in refereed journals

  • T. Poinsot, M. García, J. M. Senoner, L. Gicquel, G. Staffelbach and O. Vermorel. "Numerical and Physical Instabilities in Massively Parallel LES of Reacting Flows", Journal of Scientific Computing, 49, No 1, pp. 78-93 (2011).
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Papers published in journals without referees

  • E. Riber, M. García, V. Moureau, H. Pitsch, O. Simonin and T. Poinsot. "Evaluation of numerical strategies for LES of two-phase reacting flows". In Proceedings of the Summer Program 2006, pp. 197-211 Center for Turbulence Research, NASA Ames/Stanford Univ. (2006).

Papers presented at technical meetings with review

  • S. Som, D. E. Longman, S. M. Aithal, R. Bair, M. García, S. P. Quan, K.J. Richards, P.K. Senecal, T. Shethaji and M. Weber. "A numerical Investigation on Scalability and Grid Convergence of Internal Combustion Engine Simulations". SAE 2013 World Congress & Exhibition, 13PFL-0587 / 2013-01-1095, April 16 (2013). Accepted and Pending for publication
  • F. Jaegle, J.-M. Senoner, M. García, C. Jiménez, B. Cuenot, T. Poinsot. "Evaluation of Simulation Strategies for Multipoint Injection Systems in Aero-Engines on the Example of a Liquid Jet in a Gaseous Crossflow". In ICLASS 2009, 11th Triennial International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Vail, Colorado USA, July (2009).
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Papers presented at meetings without review

  • N. Gourdain, L.Y.M. Gicquel, M. Montagnac, O. Vermorel, M. Gazaix, G. Staffelbach, M. García, J.-F. Boussuge and T. Poinsot. "High performance computing of industrial flows: Application to aeronautic and propulsion challenges - in- vited conference". In VKI Lecture Series on High Performance Computing of Industrial Flows, Von Kármán Institute, Brussels, Belgium (2009).
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Technical reports

  • M. García. "Partitionnement parallèle du maillage". Projet ANR CAMPAS, Livrable L5 CR/CFD/09/119, CERFACS (December 2009).
  • F. Jaegle, J.-M. Senoner, M. García, C. Jimenez, B. Cuenot, and T. Poinsot. "Comparison of Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange methods for liquid jet injection in a crossflow". TR/CFD/09/104, CERFACS (December 2009).
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